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Not sure if Parkour is for you?

Maybe you're wanting to master a skill?

Just looking for people to hang with? 

Sounds like open gym is for you!

During open gym, you can work on anything you want*, at your own pace. All equipment is available to use during open gym*. Our open gyms are frequented by freerunners, CrossFitters, trickers, aerial dancers, gymnasts, bboys, capoeiristas, martial artists, cheerleaders, and more.

*coaches discretion to ask athletes to refrain from certain unsafe skills

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for Drop In

Things to know before you come:

1. Registration/Insurance Fee of $18.50 (covers 5 visits) or $50 (coverage until August 31) required for athletes who are not current registrants. 

2. Punch Cards are available for purchase in advance.

3. Cash or Credit only.

4. To guarantee a spot, please submit the form below to pre-register for drop in. For new athletes, please call us to register your credit card on file.

See you at Drop In!

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